Start something

Northeast Division Performance Rally Championship

This was the challenge sent out to the rally community in early 1976 by Harry Handley
in his position as the newly created SCCA Northeast Division Executive PRO Rally Steward.

The Tri-State was the first and only scheduled event at the time of the letter. Three more
events: Connecticut Classic, Night Stalker, and the NQP where added to the 1976 schedule.

The Series caught on and by 1977 there were nine events on the schedule. By 1978 the series had
not only satisfied the orignal concept of a prelude to PRO Rallys, but it had taken on a life of
it's own with several events having National sponsors and a competition level that was second to none.

The series carried on until 1984 when the SCCA required an all stage format Div Pro Rallys.
I encourge everyone to read the Start-something letter.

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