Northeast Performance Rally Series Championship 1976-1983

If you have any of the missing items: Flyers, Official Results, Generals, Please send to

The easiest way is take a good quality photo with your phone or digital camara and email them to
the above address. Or if you have access to a FAX machine send them to:609-890-7023.

I would like to encourage anyone who competed organized or worked
any of the events to send photos or stories to me and I will post them.
With photos please send as much info as possible.
who, what where when and also a photo credit if known.

This is the latest list of missing items:

Year	Event			Missing
1976	Tri-State 		Flyer Generals Results
1976	Connecticut Classic	Flyer Generals Results
1976	Night Stalker		Flyer Generals Results	
1976	NQP			Flyer

1977	Tri-State 		Generals		
1977	Triple Challenge	Generals 
1977	Roaring Borealis	Flyer
1977	Night Stalker		Flyer
1977	Octoberfast		Generals Results
1977	NQP			Generals 
1977	Pirelli Mountain Rally	Generals Results	

1978	Tri-State 		Generals Results	
1978	Triple Challenge	Flyer Generals Results
1978	Generals Results
1978	Mission Impassable	Flyer	
1978	Roaring Borealis	Flyer Results
1978	Connecticut Classic	Generals Results	
1978	Route Of All Evil	Flyer
1978	Octoberfast		Flyer
1978	NQP`			Generals 

1979	Tri-State 		Generals Results
1979	Vic & Walt's Gravelrash	Flyer Generals	
1979	Night Stalker		Generals			
1979	Route Of All Evil	Flyer
1979	Octoberfast		Flyer Results
1979	Paumanok Trails		Flyer
1979	NQP			Generals Results			
1979	Blue Mountain Sunsetter	Flyer Generals

1980	Triple Challenge	Generals 	
1980	Tri-State 		Generals Results
1980	Route Of All Evil	Flyer 
1980	Octoberfast		Flyer Generals Results	

1981	Tri-State 		Generals Results	
1981	Green Mountaineer 	Generals Results	
1981	Vic & Walt's Gravelrash	Generals Results
1981	Roaring Borealis	Flyer Generals Results	
1981	International 1000 	Generals Results
1981	Giant's Despair		Generals Results
1981	Wellsboro Forest Rally	Generals Results

1982	The Winter Rally	Generals Results
1982	Green Mountaineer	Flyer Results		
1982	Born To Run		Generals	
1982	Roaring Borealis	Generals Results	
1982	Blue Mountain Sunsetter	Results	
1982	International 1000 	Flyer Generals Results	
1982	Vic & Walt's Gravelrash	Generals Results
1982	Wellsboro Forest Rally	Flyer Generals

1983	The Winter Rally	Flyer Results
1983	Born To Run		Flyer 	
1983	Big Apple 200		Flyer Results	
1983	International 1000 	Flyer Generals Results
1983	Wellsboro Forest Rally	Results